Hello, my name is Nicholas Chamberlain. Originally from Vancouver, Washington I have been a resident of Seattle for almost a decade. I am the artist and graphic designer of my own company Split Designs LLC. My interest in becoming an artist started with reading comic books at a very young age.

In 2012 I got a copy of Photoshop from a friend and began to teach myself how to use it by simple trial and error. Initially wanting to start learning how to digitally ink and color comics, I slowly progressed until meeting a local DJ who needed graphic design work. I jumped at the opportunity because of my love of electronic music. It was a rocky start with some rather embarrassing album covers at first, but after years of practice I miraculously landed Liquid Stranger (my favorite producer/DJ) as a client and a professional career doing graphic design in the music industry was born. Liquid Stranger became a solid mentor and pushed me to open my own business.